Tohatchi Veterans Organization

Mission Statement:

Is to implement strategic plans to provide a direction and guidance to the officials and members to maintain a quality assurance of proper working mechanism of the organization.  The protocol set forth by veteran officials and its members to re-identify their belief, behavior, attitude and personality to refocus on their moral ethics.  To promote the integrity of their statue as honorable society of American Security and military force as Native Warriors; to advocate for the members against outside source to prevent exploitation of our sacred title.


In great potential need of assistance as a result of the experiences and/or trauma, disable conditions related to service rendered in the armed forces.  The Organization will utilize all the resources at its command to meet the needs of all Navajo Veterans and will endure the demands necessary to reach a plateau where all Navajo Veterans will have equal standing among its society.  The Reward of the ultimate sacrifice of its Navajo Veterans will be to honor and recognize the services they provided to ensure the freedom of all.



Manuel Shirleson, Commander

Ira Burbank, Vice-Commander

Alice Francisco, Secretary/Treasurer