Welcome to to'haach'i community

Mission Statement

To promote the quality of life utilizing new technology in partnerships through education to enhance agriculture, recreation, economic and community development; and to preserve the natural beauty and safe environment to benefit the Tohatchi community.

“Nihima’ Na’hasdzaan baa a’hwiilyaadoo hozho’go chol dooleel”

Vision Statement

Tohatchi is the lifeblood of generations, “Ni hoo Kah Diyin Dine”; it is a community that enriches its traditional and cultural heritage to become self-sustaining and transparent in its progressive government.

“Hoozhoogo holzilgo naazgo Nihil haz’aadoo”

Tohatchi Chapter Hours

Administration Business Hours:

Monday – Friday

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Solid Waste Hours:


8:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Chapter Officials

Harry “Sonny” Moore, Jr., Chapter President

  Email:  smoore@naataanii.org

Mike Halona, Chapter Vice-President

  Email:  m_halona@nnld.org

Jean Crawford, Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

  Email:  jcrawford@navajochapters.org

Gerald Moore, Chapter Grazing Officer

  Email:  491gmoore@gmail.com

Nathan Notah, Council Delegate District 14

  Email:  nathan.notah@navajo-nsn.gov

Ansley Curley, Legislative Assistant to CD, District 14

  Email:  ansley.curley@navajo-nsn.gov

Chapter Administration

Maria Allison, Community Service Coordinator

  Email: mallison@nnchapters.org

Jeannie Muskett, Accounts Maintenance Specialist

  Email:  jmuskett@nnchapters.org

Carol Lowe, Receptionist-PEP

Janice Begay, Office Specialist-PEP

Raymond Jim, Heavy Equipment Operator-PEP 

Oscar Destea, Solid Waste Attendant-PEP

Marvin Begay, Laborer-PEP

Walton Watchman, Laborer-PEP